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It is the process of sealing pressurized leaks while under continues pressure to avoid costly shut downs or unscheduled maintenance. That leak is costing your company money in wasted energy. It's Health & Safety Hazard and it's damaging  the Environment. Tristar Megah Indonesia provides our clients with engineered solutions for Temperatures ranging from cryogenic to 700°C, and Pressure from vacuum to 250 kg/cm2, 24 hours non stop services. Leak Sealing solutions for water, air, process and steam, chemical,  hydrocarbon , acids and crude oil leaking. At Tristar Megah Indonesia, we provide the most cost effective and reliable leak repair solution to meet the needs of our clients.


What are some typical applications for On-line Leak Sealing ?


There are many  different application for which this process is used but the most common are  as follows :

  • Flange / Bonnet / Heat Exchanger Joint Valve Joint 
  • Gland Valve Leak
    - Pressure Seal Ring Valve Leak
    - Body Valve Leak
    - Straight Pipe Leak
    - Tee Pipe Leak
    - Reducer Pipe Leak
    - Thread/ Nozzle Leak
  • Expansion Joint  Leak
  • Pipe Fitting
  • Elbow Pipe Leak


A. Hydraulic Torque Wrench

  • Hydraulic Torque Wrenches 1/2" through 3-1/2" for stud size 7/8" through 5-3/8" Heavy Hex Sizes Socket & Low Clearance Link
  • Using a torque wrench correctly involves three primary concern :
    -    Use a smooth even pull to the stopping point.
    -  When more than one bolt holds the surfaces together there is normally a sequence that should be used to bring the surfaces together in an even manner.
    -    In some cases the maintenance manual will require the threads be lubricated prior to tightening the bolt.


B. Bolt Tensioning  

  • Bolt Tensioning Service  from size 3/4" through 4"  stud diameter to ANSI and API  flanges. 25%, 33.3%  50% and 100% tools covering can be implemented. Maximum Tool Operating Pressure : 1475 Bar (21,750 psi)


Tristar Megah Indonesia offers highly trained and experienced technicians along with the best portable machining equipment.  We committed to provide 24 hours non-stop services  to response and assure that  your projects get completed as scheduled. 

On site machining service include of Flange Facing, Pipe Cutting Machine, Milling, Drilling and Tapping, Boring, etc

Tristar Megah Indonesia have the capability of machining  flange up to 80". We always close at hand to solve any particular problem. Gasket surfaces on exchanger heads, Exchanger diaphragm removal, tube sheets and vessel shells are a specialty. We also are experienced in machining of gasket surfaces on nozzles, man ways and hand holes. We offer equipment that requires low axial and radial clearance envelopes. Any surface finish requirement can be met.


Tristar Megah is provide service to cut pipe (severing) and beveling on diameter up to 41" and  3" of wall thickness. We have the capability to machine all materials including carbon steel, chrome, etc. Standard bevels, compound bevels, J-bevels and other configurations are easily achieved. Our extensive equipment inventory also means we can work in areas that have minimal radial and axial clearances


Hydrostatic test is the most common method employed for testing pipelines in which leaks can be found. Using this test helps maintain safety standards &durability of a equipment and determine &verify pipeline integrity. We can combined our Tristar Megah bolting and flange management services, significant reductions in headcount, schedule and costs have been proven. Tristar Megah is provide to testing by various  pressure with the following  pressure range available :    

  • 600 psi
  • 1000 psi
  • 1500 psi
  • 3000 psi
  • 5000 psi
  • 10000 psi
  • 15000 psi
  • 20000 psi


Paints and other surface coatings provide protection to a product/equipment, as well as being decorative, eye catching or a simply an marker to determine the designation of an equipment. 
A. Tank Maintenance
B. Floor Coating
C. Fire Coating
D. Pipe Coatin


Why Use Insulation: 

  • Condensation control
  • Pipe freezing
  • Energy saving
  • Protection against extreme temperatures


PPWE Welding Isolation Chamber can allow hot work to be carried out in a CLEAN, SAFE and HAZARD FREE manner, without the need to SHUTDOWN a platform.

  • Isolates the welding area
  • Provide a positive barrier between welding & flammables
  • Contains the heat source
  • Panel standard sizes 1 meter × 1 meter or 2 meter × 1 meterConfines sparks & Splatter
  • Eliminates the need for shut-downs


Hydraulic Nut Splitter offers a reliable and effective solution to the removal of seized and corroded nuts. SOMETIMES small problems can delay big projects especially when fabrication and maintenance crews are working in remote places onshore and offshore.

In response to such problems, Tristar Megah Indonesia provides a series of hydraulic nut splitters offering 5-90t of force to smoothly and precisely eliminate such problems arising on pipeline, heavy vehicles, tank cleaning, petrochemical applications, steel construction, mining and industrial infrastructure


Flange spreader utilities a high  load compact hydraulic cylinder together  with a unique design wedge and retaining mechanism to smoothly and evenly force open Tristar Megah Indonesia offer the hydraulic spreaders feature an integrated wedge concept :

  • Friction-free, smooth and parallel wedge movement eliminates flange damage and spreading arm failure 
  • For maintenance, commissioning, shutdowns, testing and valve change outs
  • Unique interlocking wedge design - no first step  bending and risk of slipping out of joint
  • Stepped spreader arm design - each step can spread under full load few moving parts mean durability and low maintenance 
  • Flange Alignment tools range of precise, labor-saving flange alignment tools will eliminate risks associated with traditional flange alignment practices. Simple, safe, modern solutions for linear or rotational misalignment of fixed flanges


Hydraulic Jack is designed to the highest specification using high strength alloy steels and provide a minimum factor of safety. Wear plated bearing areas on the piston rod and stop ring provide low friction and excellent wear resistance. Steel stop rings further increase the cylinder's capacity to withstand side loads and restrain the piston at full extension

X.  Other Service

a. Pre-commioning (Hydrotest,Cleaning,Dewatering,Drying, N2 Purging, Leak Test (He/N2))
b. NDT Service
c. Hottaping Service
d. Repair Pump
e. Test & Analisis Services such as :

  • Failure Analysis
  • Computional Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  • Corrosion Test
  • Tensile Strength Test, Creep Tesng, Impact Testing, Hardness Test
  • Remaining Life Assessment (RLA)

f. Refractory Product (support by HWI)