About us

About Us


PT Tristar Megah Indonesia has many years experiences in new construction, shutdown maintenance for petrochemical, refineries,  power plants and offshore projects in Indonesia. we also provide various services that are required by our customers for their maintenance operations and during their shutdown (turn around) periods, like On-Line Leak Sealing, On-site Machining, Flange Management, Hot Tapping & Stopple Plugging, Hydrotesting, Welding Habitat, and others.

PT Tristar Megah Indonesia is committed to deliver and provide the best and dependable service to achieve maximum client satisfaction. To achieve the objective, we have put investment on manpower and equipment .




  • Support our commitment to respecting the environment, health and safety of our personnel 
  • Provide for customer needs through the application of safety programs designed to    protect the environment health and safety
  • Safeguard employee health and physical well-being
  • Inspire confidence among our customers & security for our employees
  • Overall objective is zero injuries
  • Comply with applicable rules & regulations
  • No operation has priority over safety
  • Perform assigned tasks in accordance with customer’s requirements & conditions